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Known as the biggest rival of Apple’s iOS, Android is very popular among smartphone users. Some prefer Android because it’s easier to use. Just when you thought you already know everything about it, you can still level up your Android experience. Here are 10 Tips for the Best Android Experience ever.

  1. Delete the Bloatware.

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Bloatware are the apps installed by the manufacturer or carrier of the device. Some of these are unnecessary and not useful to you. You can delete or disable these apps in your Settings. You can also delete the updates from these apps so you can save more storage on your phone. It can also make your phone function better.

  1. Update the Android OS.

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To get the best and latest features on your phone, you can update your Android Operating System. Steps on how to update it may differ per device, but all are easy to do.

  1. Customize your lock screen.

There is always a lot of things to do with your lock screen when you use an Android phone. You can customize the widgets and see the most important information on your lock screen. You can combine widgets such as weather, time and date, schedule, and more. This is very convenient as you don’t have to unlock your phone to see these things.

  1. Extend Battery life.

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You can always maximize your Android experience when your phone can last long. You don’t always need to be paranoid about your battery and charge it every now and then. Battery life can be extended in the Settings. Just enable the Battery Saver of your phone and you’re good to go.

  1. Control the Notifications.

Sometimes, notifications that you don’t need crowd your notification panel. There’s something you can do about it. You can either disable the app or go to your Notifications Settings and choose which apps’ notifications to see.

  1. Maximize your Storage.

Your phone performance will always be at its best if you have enough storage. Delete apps and files that you no longer need to save space. You can also delete unnecessary cache in the Settings.

  1. Strengthen your phone’s security.

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Lock screen and other apps can be secured by putting a password. Other than just numbers and patterns, some Android phones give more options on how you want to secure your phone and apps.

These are some tips on how you can have the best experience on your Android. We hope this list would help you have a good time with your phone. Share your thoughts and more tips in the comment section!

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