Huawei Watch GT 2 42mm: all in one elegant minimalistic design

The HUAWEI Watch GT 2 42mm is, by far, a wearable lifestyle companion that we’d never knew we could live without, and we promise you’ll feel the same way once you get your hands on the device. Featuring an incredible battery life, a feature we’re all desperate for in this age of staying digitally connected, complemented by an innovative and smart interface that is set get you on route to fitness, the HUAWEI Watch GT 2 42mm has much to offer to its user.

Aesthetic coolness
Now, who doesn’t want to flaunt some arm candy? The HUAWEI Watch GT 2 42mm is pleasing to the eye with a minimalistic design and bezel-less appearance, complemented by bold characters and an easy to hold dial. The 1.2-inch AMOLED HD colored touch screen offers rich visuals, while its customisable color straps lend the watch an overall charm, no matter what outfit you pair it with.

Huawei watch gt 2 vicsenshop

Your personal health manager
The HUAWEI Watch GT 2 is designed in a way to give you exactly what you need to stay on track, while prioritizing your health. Its health management features include smart heart rate monitoring with real-time 24/7 TruSeen 3.5 technology, sleep monitoring with the TruSleep 2.0 that analyses your snooze times, and pressure monitoring with its all-day dedicated stress tracker with the HUAWEI TruRelaxT, so that you can keep a close eye on physical well-being and adjust habits to maintain a stronger form no matter what you choose to excel in. Let’s face it, at some point, we’re bound to get a little cosy with positive results and tend to take it easy, but the HUAWEI Watch GT 2 42mm is well-prepared to combat that feeling away. Its sedentary reminder will notify you of your long-term inactivity and encourage you to get moving! (A feature that can be deactivated, if desired).

From swimming, running and mountain climbing, to triathlons, rowing machine and indoor elliptical device, the watch comes in 15 sport modes, offering 190 types of data that measures vitals and keeps track of progress, so that you can have a wholesome experience. What personally impresses us is its water resistance of 5ATM, and the automatic identification of swimming postures and number of strokes when in the pool or open water, complemented by an upgraded Huawei TruSeen 3.5 optical heart rate function for improved athletic performance.

huawei watch gt 2 vicsenshop

Exceptional battery life
Now let’s look at its extensive battery performance. The HUAWEI Watch GT 2 42mm is armed with a multi-core high-integrated chip design, the Kirin A1, which promises quick transmission, powerful anti-jamming capability with the BT5.1 and BLE5.1 Bluetooth systems, and access to many features – all at impressively low power consumption rates. The watch, with its smart power-saving algorithm 2.0, allocates power according to the user’s needs, thus giving you more control over your browsing activities. That means you can make the best use of the watch’s capabilities for up to one week without fearing that dreaded low battery sign.

Huawei watch gt 2

Stay connected
Of course, besides its cool aspects, the HUAWEI Watch GT 42mm helps you stay connected through one-touch messages that keep you in the loop with loved ones and work matters. The device also has reminder options that are ideal for those who travel frequently for business, or are simply on the go in their daily lives. Taking connectivity to the next level, the HUAWEI Watch GT 42mm can be easily linked to the HUAWEI Freebuds 3 wireless headset via Bluetooth. This convenience gives us a total hands-free experience, meaning improved focus on whatever we may be busy with. The HUAWEI Watch GT 42mm also features an integrated memory, giving you the opportunity to store your favorite music. Simply create and access your playlist when working out anytime, anywhere. It supports MP3 and AAC (LC-AAC) files, with user-friendly modes for better control and easy playback.

So, what are you waiting for? The HUAWEI Watch GT 2 42mm is now available on

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