Aside from the much-awaited iPhone 12 Series to be released later this year, many are also excited about the upcoming iOS 14. It is said to have the most amazing upgrades ever and we can’t wait for its release. Before the much-awaited iOS 14 becomes available for download, see all the things we know so far on this new iOS.

There is no official date yet on when iOS 14 will be released. However, with Apple12 Series’ to be released later this year, it is also expected that iOS 14 will be released earlier or at the same time.

WHO CAN GET IOS 14?Apple iPhone 6S Plus

The new OS would cater to a huge variation of iPhones. From iPhone 6s and the first iPhone SE to those released after that, iOS 14 updates will be available.

iOS 14 Home and Widgets

ios 14 Home and Widgets Vicsenshop

We love the current Home and Widgets of our iPhones but the new iOS will make you love it more. The upgrade lets you customize your home according to your preference. There will be a new App Library that groups apps according to category. You can now resize the widgets and bring them to any page you want. Smart Stacks is also a new and great feature. It is like a dynamic widget that acts based on contextual clues or by the time of the day you set it to. For example, you can see your calendar or schedule immediately when you wake up.

iOS 14 Messages

ios 14 Messages Vicsenshop

The Memojis that many enjoy and use will have new features and accessories such as face masks. For convenience, Messages now lets you pin contacts you talk to often. You can also reply to a specific message in your group conversations. Also, you can now turn off notifications from a specific iMessage group.

iOS 14 Maps

ios 14 Maps Vicsenshop

The new iOS gives Maps features that would give you convenience. It will have a new feature called Guides that would give recommendations on places to eat and explore. iOS 14 also helps you minimize your carbon footprint. You will be given cycling-specific directions. You will also be alerted of the busy road ahead and if there are steep hills ahead. For electric vehicles, the new Maps will track the charge of your vehicle and advise charging stations nearby.

iOS 14 Car Keys

ios 14 Car Keys Vicsenshop

The car keys in your Wallet app will now let you unlock your vehicle in just a single tap. Some cars will also let you start the engine in just a tap. You can also share car keys to other iPhone users securely and conveniently.

iOS 14 Siri and TranslationIos 14 siri Vicsenshop


Siri will now be able to do on-device dictation. There will also be a new Translate app that can translate a whole conversation on your phone. It would be able to detect the language used. You won’t need an internet connection for this and it will work on Safari also.

iOS 14 Privacy
Apple also enhanced privacy settings for iOS 14. Apps will now require user permission. You can now upgrade your accounts with Apple accounts for better privacy features. You will also be allowed to select an approximate location instead of a precise location when needed.

iOS 14 Picture-in-Picture Video

ios 14 picture-in-picture video Vicsenshop

iOS 14 lets you watch videos while using other apps. You can drag the video anywhere you like and resize it according to your preference.

iOS 14 Health
The new iOS will be equipped with sleep-tracking features. It will encourage and give you a healthy sleeping schedule. It will also alert you if your listening volume is already harmful to your ears.

iOS 14 Default Apps
You can now set your preferred apps as your default app. For example, you can select a different browser as your default instead of using Safari.

iOS 14 Call Alerts

ios 14 call alert Vicsenshop

Instead of being displayed wholly on your screen, call alerts can now be seen like your other notifications just at the top. This makes it more convenient and less bothersome for iPhone users.

These are just some of the huge improvements you will love with iOS 14. There are more and we are sure that you will love those also. With iOS 14’s smart features, your phone experience will surely be more convenient. Share your thought on iOS 14 in the comment section!

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