OnePlus promises always-on display feature with a future update

When the OnePlus 6 launched back in 2018, the phone shipped to reviewers with a pre-production software that had an always-on display feature. The functionality was later removed when the phone started shipping to customers as OnePlus feared it would drain the battery too much. And it has since been one of the most requested features by OxygenOS users.

Onplus always on display

Well, the company finally committed to delivering always-on in a recent tweet. It said that the feature is in the road map and will arrive in a future update. Unfortunately, the tweet didn’t go into specifics so we don’t know how much longer we’ll have to wait. It could come with the new OnePlus 8 family or a future update will add the feature for most OnePlus devices.

So for now, you may have to settle for the Ambient display feature, which is still a second-best solution.

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