There are many spoilers on the upcoming phones in 2020. One of the most awaited is Samsung Galaxy Note 20. All the rumors about Samsung Note 20 released to keep us excited and intrigued.

We compiled the most interesting and relevant spoilers we have about the new Note 20 to help you see what you can anticipate on Samsung’s upcoming release of new phones.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is expected to be released in August. It is expected to be released along Samsung Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, and more. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus and Note 20 Ultra are also expected to be released on the same day. The competition seems to be tough for Galaxy Note 20. It will also be on a tight competition with the upcoming Apple iPhone 12 series. Still, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 gives us amazing features.


Samsung Note 20 Rumor Vicsenshop

We only know little and unconfirmed information on the specs of Galaxy Note 20. One of the most amazing spoilers we have is that it would have a 120Hz refresh rate. This ensures a fast and smooth smartphone experience.

Larger displays are also expected from the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series. Note 20 may have a 6.42’ display while Galaxy Note 20 Plus may have a 6.87” display size.


Samsung Note 20 Rumor 2 Vicsenshop

Nothing is for sure yet but there are some rumors on what Galaxy Note 20 will look like. Some expect it to be similar to the design of the Samsung S20 Series. Equipped with Infinity-O display, but with an even bigger display and space for the enhanced S Pen. Some expect it to have the horizontal rear camera strip similar to that of Galaxy Note 9.

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The new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is expected to have the powerful Snapdragon 865 processor. If not, it may settle with Exynos 92 chipset. Since the earlier released Samsung Galaxy S20 is 5G enabled, the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 is also expected to be 5G enabled. If that happens, a fast network connection is ensured for you wherever and whenever.

There are also rumors that it would have a storage of up to 128GB. However, many are still hoping for bigger storage. The S Pen remains as the favorite feature of the Note Series because of the convenience it gives. It is also expected to be improved in Note 20.



Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Rumor 3 Vicsenshop

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20: 12MP main, 64MP telephoto, 12MP ultrawide, time-of-flight sensor
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus / Ultra: 108MP main, 13MP telephoto, 12MP ultrawide, laser focus sensor

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series is expected to take much resemblance to Galaxy S20 Series, even cameras. If that’s true, we can expect a triple or quad rear camera for this series. However, many suggest that the rear cameras will take more space as it is expected to be bigger according to some spoilers.

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It is rumored that the Note 20 Series may have a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh, 4,500 mAh, and 5,000 mAh. That’s a big upgrade from the previous Note 10. That would surely last for hours of smartphone activities and even gaming. For charging, it is expected to have a 25-watt charger. However, it may still be enhanced especially with reports of Samsung researching better and faster-charging options.


All the rumors and spoilers about Samsung Galaxy Note 20 gets us all excited for its release. Indeed, it would face tight competition among other upcoming phones. But Samsung Galaxy Note 20 still proves to be worthy of all the wait especially when we all the good spoilers we heard are right.

While Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is not yet here, explore more of Samsung’s latest and most popular phones now.

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