Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home

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Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home Rechargeable Computer Eye Protection Lamp With Light For Office and Home

Additional information

Brand Name



USB Light

Model Number

Computer Reading Light




Baseus USB Stepless Dimming Screen Hanging Light


Led Computer Light Eye Lamp

Applicable screen thickness


Adjustable Color

white light, warm white light, mixed light (adjustable)


Computer Reading Light


Aluminum alloy+PC


about 464*100*38mm

Color temperature


Rated power



USB Eye Protection Desk Lamp

Feature 1

Led Desk Lamp,Eye Lamp,desk lamp

Feature 2

Non-Flashing Aluminum Monitor Light

Feature 3

Dimmable Monitor Screen Light

Feature 4

USB LED Desk Lamp,Bar Table Lamp

Type 1

Screen Hanging Light

Type 2

Led Computer Light

Type 3

Screenbar Light,LED table lamp

Type 4

LED Monitor Light, Monitor Screen Hanging Light

Type 5

Screen Light, Screen Light Bar

Type 6

Screenbar LED Desk Lamp

Type 7

Screen Bar Hanging Light

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231 Reviews For This Product

  1. 231

    by M***n

    Bright and size also fit. Shipping–or quickly taken even nicer.

  2. 231

    by S***v

    Convenient lighting lamp, great design and quality. Fast shipping

  3. 231

    by D***M

    Shipping fast and listen to things like it just power-just press the feeling is not high rubber switch Press felt or standing baby easy.

  4. 231

    by H***o

    The product arrived quickly. The condition of the product is also very good.

  5. 231

    by S***e

    Must have light for the monitor. Will order another one.

  6. 231

    by S***v

    Great! Quality at height

  7. 231

    by Customer

    Brightness You can easily turn the color temperature on and off with one hand. USB-C advantage. Simple design. I recommend.

  8. 231

    by U***r

    Great product, fast shipping store.

  9. 231

    by P***M

    What I wanted!

  10. 231

    by H***h

    Thanks team Baseus for providing fast shipping and good product. ( Side note: the box weirdly torn open at all the corner; must be custom doings).

  11. 231

    by M***r

    Quality desk light, illuminates a lot, very happy with the purchase I recommend.

  12. 231

    by G***r

    Works well, plenty bright to study and do work. Also doesn’t reflect too much on monitor. Would recommend.

  13. 231

    by Y***m

    Four PCs ordered. Other products are steamed in feeling Baseus 껀 finish may be different for iPhone in at all.

  14. 231

    by N***r

    Couldn’t be happier. Made very well, bright, good color, good design & good price. Thank you 🙂

  15. 231

    by M***n

    Quite udovna, although it just due to the counterweight hanging on the top of the monitor (I have a monoblock) because of which it is necessary to carefully turn on and off

  16. 231

    by P***h

    Excellent quality, packing breakage, then

  17. 231

    by S***m

    Great quality!!!!!!! Very good!! I satisfied with it.

  18. 231

    by J***E

    Packaging for much stale and high water quality in dusty did. Product function, this is not just light shine, adjust Range Oh, easy dish with angle only change the available

  19. 231

    by S***v

    Shipment and delivery is very prompt. The lamp itself-exceeds all expectations. Excellent packed, under light mode/warm, cold and neutral (white). Adjust the brightness of the lighting. The wire is long enough to connect not only to devices, but also to an outlet. I recommend the product and the store highly, as in principle everything from baseus!!!

  20. 231

    by M***e

    good good

  21. 231

    by Customer

    Although the tracking information on the package was not easily updated, I am very satisfied with the product that arrived. Good shopping. Thank you.

  22. 231

    by A***v

    Unexpectedly convenient thing. There was a fear that the lights would appear on the screen, but no, everything is perfect. You can choose the temperature, adjust the brightness and lighting angle. If you remove the USB wire, the next time you turn on the light and brightness settings will drop, so instead of the monitor with USB hub (when the monitor is turned off naturally disappears and power to USB), included the screenshot in the pilot. I recommend.

  23. 231

    by V***a


  24. 231

    by S***k


  25. 231

    by B***e

    Curve de monitor in well Frozen Four.

  26. 231

    by A***h

    very good item work very good

  27. 231

    by K***v

    The lamp is just space! Made very high quality! I have a BenQ screen bar, I ordered this wife and it turned out that it is convenient and more thought out than the analog of the BenQ with touch buttons and eternal problems with power. Immediately very convenient adjustment, frosted glass, which better dissipates the light and does not hit the eyes unlike the BenQ, which LEDs shine on the reflector and glass just transparent. Also pleased with USB Type-C. In general, now I will order myself the same.)

  28. 231

    by J***m

    Product same as picture. Donning a type for external fixed stable.. White, yellow, rose color with three light are available and, each brightness adjusted well. USB C type cable enclosed with competitive price. Computer USB for setup is voltage for uneven trolling light flashing or swaying data, 5v adopter on arrangements with you very well. The four. Shipping is total weeks halfway takes a living.

  29. 231

    by A***I

    Received and installed on my LG screen of 43 ‘perfect thank you.

  30. 231

    by S***G

    good as described. fast processing. thanks

  31. 231

    by J***z

    Excellent quality as always with Baseus

  32. 231

    by K***v

    Great lamp. I did not even expect that I would like it!

  33. 231

    by I***v

    Thanks to our mail, the box broke. It’s good that everything inside is whole. While everything works, then it will be visible.

  34. 231

    by K***s

    Shipping fast stuff also great

  35. 231

    by G***y

    as usual it is baseus product . it creates new standards for quality.

  36. 231

    by A***n

    Regards product; Really good and superb!

  37. 231

    by K***k

    Very satisfied. I buy you are .^^

  38. 231

    by Customer

    Swift delivery, great value for money

  39. 231

    by Customer

    Again took a big order. As always, everything is fine!

  40. 231

    by K***v

    Quality at altitude! Starting from packaging (as if invented in mvideo, not on AliExpress) ending with a power cord! Works as it should, nice light. Several modes, weighty-confidently stands on the monitor! I recommend!

  41. 231

    by H***n

    Very Good for my dark room!!!

  42. 231

    by D***v

    Good Lamp. I bought a child instead of a desktop. The child likes, shines well. This is the second order for friends. The store is sociable. I recommend.

  43. 231

    by Customer

    Everything works as in the description. Thank you.

  44. 231

    by A***G

    The lamp is made soundly, heavy enough and long. I thought to take it with me, but the backpack comes only diagonally 🙂 I’ll leave it at home on the desktop computer.

  45. 231

    by L***e

    I love this product, especially when I place this item above my iMac. Looks and feel so great and even with 3 light temperature control

  46. 231

    by D***n

    Month for reduced the dog with a bit surprised but Sale the answer to well you rest assured,

  47. 231

    by G***r

    Shipping sent wrong and now have arrived, but nevertheless star month gave me, anywhere or which may be used, stay there important think per hour Cope, fast and accurate very pleased with the Stars month each Away with support well packed by ence the product box packing the photo shows broken long light, product is very say the well ourself. Product is fairly good. Ink fabric harness-durable by looks, work well, and you’re the saw, nicer Dark place in fluorescent turn off work or when the as four key

  48. 231

    by E***n

    Sale period in good price with good product well buy ‘ve. Simply monitor top going, but tight fixed the product is not easy. Rather put across levels… But C-type port be powered high light intensity adjustable reusable and color temperature adjustable. Hot…

  49. 231

    by K***s

    Shipping came in only one week. Inches monitor mounted. Probably inches monitor is estimated to living as data storage is perfect across the street than for a nicer!!

  50. 231

    by K***h

    Desk for the house.

  51. 231

    by F***r

    I received the goods well. it’s great.

  52. 231

    by H***a

    I am really satisfied with this perfect stuff. Good and Great

  53. 231

    by S***e

    Nice lamp !!!

  54. 231

    by G***n

    Very satisfied.

  55. 231

    by Y***e

    Very GOOD!!!!!

  56. 231

    by K***a

    Very good quality.

  57. 231

    by J***M

    I’m very satisfied

  58. 231

    by S***o

    fast shipping good working

  59. 231

    by K***k

  60. 231

    by Customer

    Goods to You Bury were not only well and use wipe we designed. Stable is fixed with color changing, brightness adjustable all will be well.

  61. 231

    by J***g

    Accurate shipping satisfied with

  62. 231

    by J***m

    The business top Computer desk cover enough brightness is being

  63. 231

    by I***y

    Thanks baseus, excellent brand, excellent quality! The price is super!

  64. 231

    by A***n


  65. 231

    by Customer


  66. 231

    by Customer

    very goood

  67. 231

    by S***g

    Shipping speed is suitable for making such high, product is very unsatisfactory. The monitor on the way and not properly be equipped with not worry but the center of gravity is well stated-in properly equipped with four. Brightness adjustable, of course, color temperature adjustment is also available as well and lamps promotion desk to give full and Ruby moisturizing very unsatisfactory or. Original writing on modern stand is a fraction only give non-line in the overall with light-did not living there. Very very satisfactory products.

  68. 231

    by K***r

    Things like high brightness also great

  69. 231

    by H***m

    Very Good, Fast Delivery!

  70. 231

    by O***n

    Great lamp. I ‘ve never used this before, so there’s nothing to compare. I’m happy with the purchase. Can be adjusted color temperature and brightness. The brightness adjustment knob has no extreme positions, just twist into one or the other side and the brightness is reduced or increased. I arrived very quickly (in Moscow in 2 weeks).

  71. 231

    by J***m


  72. 231

    by S***e

    Light colored stage three step, monitor with Wide’s well fixed! Light Adjustable led well being nicer ~!

  73. 231

    by D***m

    Very Satisfied. Good Product. Good Seller.

  74. 231

    by J***e


  75. 231

    by G***w

    Tidy and Babe data. horizontal does not fit and lightly to the four key

  76. 231

    by A***v

    I ordered the second lamp. The quality is very decent. The performance is excellent. After 2 months of operation, I never regretted buying. The screen does not shine, the table and keyboard lights very well, the place on the table does not take up. For those who work in the evenings, an indispensable thing.

  77. 231

    by T***n

    Good quality, Fast delivery.

  78. 231

    by B***I


  79. 231

    by B***K

    Only Rhythmic new may be different function also just want this dish

  80. 231

    by K***v

    The delivery box fell apart, but the contents did not suffer. The lamp is great.

  81. 231

    by C***i

    Very satisfied with High quality LED lamp. Very sturdy body shape. I love it.

  82. 231

    by J***n


  83. 231

    by J***g

    It worked very well. Good product

  84. 231

    by R***m

    -One good

  85. 231

    by Customer

    Order payment days only comes from Ali shipping snapping dog Papa summer Product also satisfied ㅋ

  86. 231

    by G***r

    Think a little dark sense, but shipping lining with lining buy cheap well bought it

  87. 231

    by Customer

    Really in mind.

  88. 231

    by Customer

    I am very satisfied and strongly recommended.

  89. 231

    by C***m

    The great product ever! Light and design are the best!

  90. 231

    by J***n


  91. 231

    by Customer

    Item was shipped out very quickly. The logistics company was also very quick. Good item. Will have to give it some time to figure out if I prefer it over a “classic” desk lamp. Works flawlessly however and dimming by rotating the edge of the light is kinda jazzy :). As ever: thank you, Baseus :D.

  92. 231

    by M***v


  93. 231

    by M***n

    The lamp was received, everyone is satisfied, only did not expect that it was heavy such)) works perfectly, three modes of light: cold, warm and something average between them, also liked the brightness adjustment of the light! To the store Thank you very much!

  94. 231

    by M***k

    very nice product. is produced and packaged very professionally (all metal noit cheap PVC) . Good that it use UBC-C. I am very happy with this purchase. And the three colors light is very helpful as well as power regulation.

  95. 231

    by K***M


  96. 231

    by H***g

    There’s good and finish also satisfied

  97. 231

    by S***k

    Thanks it is good thing for me

  98. 231

    by Customer

    Great lamp. Workmanship and materials are good. Brightness adjustment is smooth. The light is soft, does not flicker, does not shine into the eyes, the monitor does not shine. The surface in front of the monitor is lit well. The settings of the lamp when the button is turned off, but if the power is lost on the USB port, the settings will reset. At me when the system is turned off, the power on the USB remains, so everything is OK. Everything is very convenient. I recommend to buy.

  99. 231

    by Customer

    Everything is perfect, including product quality, delivery method and delivery time.

  100. 231

    by G***g

    fast delivery good quality. satisfied me

  101. 231

    by K***r

    Wow good product

  102. 231

    by O***n

    20 days to Moscow. point of issue. lamp Super. I advise.

  103. 231

    by Customer

    As a whole it is your only, Power button turn and brightness adjust part body with oil price got… Dates.

  104. 231

    by C***n

    Earlier than I use for only slightly less bright. Well operation and design is pretty well and pull the shows. The only unopened traces can come and mood is its bottom random

  105. 231

    by Customer

    Box is not engraved necklaces with look gift customs in such trolling the mall A wooden box with one side is plucked Placa reversible tongue packaged Ohm. Product quality is no problem for board game!

  106. 231

    by Customer

    Love your shipping also incredibly fast summer

  107. 231

    by W***t

    Nice and looking so good product. waiting almost 2 months but it us ok among the COVID 19 situation.

  108. 231

    by A***n


  109. 231

    by Customer

    So good. Satisfaction

  110. 231

    by T***e

    Well operation, and whenever you well turn and got LED stand light like a book also having seen as well and utilization nicer Single buy up distressed are displayed.

  111. 231

    by A***n

    The bulb is good, in metal housing, has 3 modes of illumination, change colors each short Press assembly button, to turn off the light enough to hold the off button for 3 seconds, brightness is adjustable if you twist down the regulator near the switch key, there is no limiter, so the adjustment goes intuitively on the minimum brightness (According to the idea, regulation could be made to a complete quenching with appropriate limitation, in order not to twist endlessly), in the kit there is a power cord Type-C like a modern, but what is the point for this bulb is not clear, also there is instruction only in English and Chinese. P.S. The box was already opened by someone, so I came in resentment, also had traces of exploitation, maybe sent b. U., I bought at a discount and discount coupons, maybe just so opened at customs, it will be unknown to me, the main thing that works and nothing is damaged…

  112. 231

    by S***g


  113. 231

    by Customer

    Tidy and installation convenience. Just think, brighter than it is four! Discount received amount is satisfied with

  114. 231

    by D***

    Excellent Ebayer – Just as advertised – Thankyou. A+++++++++++++++

  115. 231

    by A***v

    Came a parcel, for a long time went, Plus or at customs or mail the parcel was opened, well, at least a whole lot came. The lamp has already ordered the second one, I liked very much, three modes of light, plus you can change the intensity of lighting. In general, I’m happy as an elephant, the store is good!

  116. 231

    by K***r

    Brightness Adjustment function have come too. For use on effective data Price is reasonable and didn’t think.

  117. 231

    by K***g


  118. 231

    by Customer

    Priority shipping-yes, incredibly fast. Monitor installed above the is one eye for convenience. A new world. What do you’ll not regret.

  119. 231

    by L***l

    It’s really good. I always use it.

  120. 231

    by W***g

    -Shipping is fast. -Three lights century each gently not adjustable. -Monitor Top topped the concept’s, surprisingly stable lifting. -Inches monitor or for use, very satisfied.

  121. 231

    by K***k

    Product quality is nicer buttons all the well made pulls Brightness adjustment and being good looks to In the mean time threading is lacking with cotton had used Really keeping in mind the ^^

  122. 231

    by K***g

    I’m very satisfied

  123. 231

    by Y***e

    Shipping genuine soon came four. Ten days or so took while outside. Box crinkle for goods slight scratches, but just low just write only one level. Laptop keyboard with backlight for stability in in the evening when discomfort was used as living pinning junior keyboard water ron brought up around the other article also can be confirmed as there are good. Reading about the position but well proportioned, reading etc also can use and looks to be a. Base layer is the stuff every one like this unsatisfactory four. Flourish.

  124. 231

    by S***H

    Works well as described

  125. 231

    by J***m

    Only 듦 new very good works not only inches monitor write on the engine light is enough desk on fuzzy without eyes some the cross. Inches or less monitor made in writing the recommendation.

  126. 231

    by S***e

    All good. Recommend it.

  127. 231

    by Customer

    good quality & quick delivery!

  128. 231

    by M***m


  129. 231

    by K***G

    fast delivery and good product.

  130. 231

    by Customer

    works beautifully

  131. 231

    by G***r

    Completeness, due to high lighting three-color changed okey

  132. 231

    by Customer

    Shipping is fast and direct accept ebony finish also good.

  133. 231

    by G***r

    Really well-received recommended customized purchase has led to the data too nicer

  134. 231

    by K***r


  135. 231

    by J***n


  136. 231

    by Customer

    It is much better than I expected. worthy

  137. 231

    by D***s

    greate useful lamp! depens of you wishes and design ) fast felivery. good service! thanks!

  138. 231

    by H***N

    Fast shipping, works well

  139. 231

    by Y***e

    When every option New Custom need living away dragon all larger size

  140. 231

    by H***u

    Best quality

  141. 231

    by D***o

    Great thing! Two color temperatures and the ability to adjust the brightness. And missed the metal-everywhere one plastic, and here it’s just nice to take in hands! Thank you company!

  142. 231

    by P***v

    On a gift I do not advise to take, because. In the packed form, the lamp itself was decently shot and rubbed with dust. For the workplace is dark, it is better to complement with general lighting.

  143. 231

    by Customer

    Awesome quality product. Love it so much! Thanks

  144. 231

    by A***n

    Www. iSupport. KZ-cool.

  145. 231

    by J***E

    Tidy and terrific

  146. 231

    by M***n

    Device is working but during the delivery time the box was destroyed. High quality device!

  147. 231

    by J***g

    Good Seller!!!

  148. 231

    by A***v

    Works as stated

  149. 231

    by S***m

    Nothing to complain

  150. 231

    by G***O

    love the design and functions. different color temp is useful for study and leisure on desk. speedy delivery to Hong Kong in 4 days.

  151. 231

    by E***z

    very well made love it

  152. 231

    by K***m

    Product is nicer

  153. 231

    by A***v

    Excellent lamp, with the coupon of the store came out an excellent price

  154. 231

    by C***o

    It looks good and quality is also fine.

  155. 231

    by Customer

    The product fits what the manufacturer explains

  156. 231

    by J***g

    Switch part for some hull-but quality.

  157. 231

    by V***v

    Lamp like. 3 Color temperature modes. Warm light is ideal for illumination of the table in Twilight, adjustable brightness of the glow, convenient fastening. In my opinion, the previously opened box was sent, because. Scotch tape that fixed the lid was unglued. The box itself was scattered at the seams, but perhaps this mail. Some dark dust was present on the lamp itself-apparently from production. The light still falls on the screen, but with a glossy screen it will not be visible, but on the matte a little visible. If you turn to the screen does not hit the light, it can shine into the eyes. Also on the lamp itself, a warning about the inadmissibility of connecting to devices with fast charging function that support 9 volts, which limits the connectivity and was not mentioned on the site and in the product description. Perhaps the reviews that the lamp failed just because of this.

  158. 231

    by J***e

    I love the kinds of light I can choose.

  159. 231

    by A***n

    Very high quality thing. All as in the description-adjustable brightness, three color temperatures. I recommend both the goods and the store

  160. 231

    by D***M

    Yet with good, Nickle or lights bright and operating well working. By the way hand in living for asking to bury overrunning. Shipping is $ jams.

  161. 231

    by Customer

    That’s a super lamp! I’m very happy of this purchase!! Sits perfectly on my display and gives very comfortable and pleasant light — from cold to warm white. Doesn’t blind at all! Intensity also can be easily adjusted. I recommend the shop and the lamp!

  162. 231

    by J***n

    Brilliant design, easy to adjust, easy to use. Delivery took 25 days due to COVID-19, overall good product for the money.

  163. 231

    by S***K

    The quality is excellent! Looks stylish! It is convenient to use. Recommend

  164. 231

    by N***f

    Great lamp!!!!

  165. 231

    by V***v

    The order came quickly, through the mail of Russia. the box for some reason was opened and torn. The lamp was in the dust. And so everything works))

  166. 231

    by A***n

    Cool lamp. Has several shades of light. Brightness is adjustable. The lamp can be turned on or off if desired. Delivery is very fast. The goods are very satisfied. I definitely recommend the store.

  167. 231

    by W***g

    Shipping is very fast and product is definitely make you satisfied

  168. 231

    by Customer

    Original Single good ㄹ ㅇ performance ㅆ Oi ㅌ ㅊ tops you owe it to yourself.

  169. 231

    by A***v

    Useful piece and quality worthy

  170. 231

    by G***r


  171. 231

    by V***e

    The lamp is good, I recommend to buy.

  172. 231

    by Customer

    Shipping fast summer/slight dust that/finish around below is easy/still satisfy

  173. 231

    by I***n

    Delivery 3 weeks to Nizhny Novgorod in Pyaterochka, near the house. Packed in branded box and Pu bag. Quality and comfort in use is the main advantage of the lamp. The price in comparison with the convenience of use does not matter to me. There is almost no analog of this lamp on sale. I advise everyone this product, if you want to save space on the desktop and use the keyboard without illumination. Thank you store.

  174. 231

    by O***a

    Works properly

  175. 231

    by A***v

    Stylish, high quality, convenient.

  176. 231

    by D***h

    Excellent option, I liked the lamp.

  177. 231

    by Customer

    The lamp is excellent, the light and brightness change. Well packed. The store is sociable. The track was fully tracked.

  178. 231

    by Customer

    Dirt piled up, will take insects, very satisfied to dodge

  179. 231

    by H***h


  180. 231

    by A***v

    The order came quickly enough. The box was torn, but the contents are whole. Packed in a regular package. On the quality of the goods: there is a Luft on the lighting adjustment ring, the USB cable is cheap, there is a Coke on a metal case. All this is not critical, the device works perfectly for the 6th day, a useful thing. At 4ku with tension

  181. 231

    by Customer

    Good quality goods. Very responsible and reliable store. I recommend seller. Thank you

  182. 231

    by E***f

    The lamp came in, sits norms, the temperuture of light changes, the brightness is easily adjustable. The metal is matte, the dust does not immediately stick. Norms in general, convenient

  183. 231

    by H***n


  184. 231

    by I***N


  185. 231

    by Customer

    Good Item!

  186. 231

    by J***g

    Good Product!

  187. 231

    by A***a

    Thank you. Excellent lamps, worthy packed. The husband is delighted with the programmer. I liked it very much!!!

  188. 231

    by S***G

    Thanks a lot for your kindness… The good is as described and satisfied

  189. 231

    by A***y

    Everything is fine! As written in the description, everything is so! The right and convenient thing!

  190. 231

    by B***n

    It shines perfectly. Three illumination modes. There is brightness adjustment. But at first, the button did not work correctly. Over time, it became better to work

  191. 231

    by A***n

    Shipped the day after the order and delivered to Nur Sultan in a month. Great lamp! Quality. Lamp tilt angle, brightness and color temperature is adjustable. Mounting the lamp and counterweight reliably fix it on any monitor. At me monoblock 29 inches-is held perfectly. I’m happy with the purchase. I recommend both the goods and the store.

  192. 231

    by Customer

    Fast delivery!!

  193. 231

    by S***h

    Good, but carton packing are damaged, inside have a dust… Lamp working

  194. 231

    by M***M

    Excellent goods

  195. 231

    by J***g

    great product.

  196. 231

    by G***b

    Second purchase. Horse was lashing…

  197. 231

    by V***i

    Excellent lamp, three modes and smooth brightness adjustment. The light is nice.

  198. 231

    by F***r

    Very good bulb

  199. 231

    by H***n

    Thanks for quick delivery.

  200. 231

    by S***s

    Great lamp.

  201. 231

    by D***n

    Everything is fine

  202. 231

    by Customer

    Sent the store quickly. received in 22 days, with the appearance of the package whole, when opened, I realized that they were good for her, the goods themselves did not suffer. There is a small defect, I do not know when forwarding or factory marriage (the end plug does not fit tightly because of deformation, perhaps the consequences of transportation) to work this does not affect. The lamp itself sat on the monitor normally, there were doubts, as the back wall is semi-circular. Made soundly, qualitatively. Brightness adjustment, color change, everything works without complaints. Everyone is happy, the seller is well done. Now my remarks, subjective: maximum brightness is not enough, not enough. And of course you need to make a lamp in white and silver. Less dust 🙂

  203. 231

    by Customer

    Works like a charm

  204. 231

    by O***B

    Very good lamp, well packed. You can buy for a gift. Watching the monitor does not interfere. The only thing, quite tight is the angle of rotation. Three modes of light, white, yellow and mixed, smooth brightness adjustment. Recommend!

  205. 231

    by E***k

    The lamp is just super! 3 different glow temperatures, smooth brightness adjustment. I advise you to buy.

  206. 231

    by Customer

    The best on the market. General aluminum body line ink fabric and price contrast significantly advanced for envy. Hot

  207. 231

    by E***v

    Good lamp. Fast shipping. Thank you.

  208. 231

    by A***k

    Lamp works very well and is 100% compatible with the description. Very solid workmanship. It has three modes of. Very useful item. Greet the store.

  209. 231

    by E***v


  210. 231

    by D***v

    Excellent lamp for the monitor! The laptop is too heavy.

  211. 231

    by K***n


  212. 231

    by V***v

    Everything corresponds to the description, thank you.

  213. 231

    by B***r

    beautiful Lamp. easy to install and great in performance. i can recommend it Buy Buy Buy

  214. 231

    by N***n

    Very bright and high quality lamp. The shipping was really slow due to covid19 situation. However, considering this quality, it’s worth waiting. Thanks store for good packaging.

  215. 231

    by M***N

    This year buy one product China best products! Also with absolute high, around the recommendation.

  216. 231

    by E***v

    Must apologize to the store. In the past order all went not according to the plan: the parcel was consolidated and then turned back. After that, they could not hold a new order for a long time, the message system did not work. The fault is that the site fails, not the seller. I repent, I wrote a ugly review on emotions. So, the lamps got. Fast. Quality is beyond praise: Do not flicker, massive body, good performance. Well, except that the regulator of the luminous flux could be a little more dense or something, not such a car. Another moment for potential owners: the lamp will not work if your monitor has a very narrow frame-the lamp will close a piece of the image.

  217. 231

    by Y***n

    Product came quick (Netherlands)!, was well wrapped. The box of the lamp immediately looked professional, Apple style. Heavy as well. The lamp itself was really really nice. Feels like very good quality. The lamp is instantly ready for usage. Just plug it in in a USB outlet, place it on top of your Mac or PC and switch it on from the side of the lamp. Perfect lighting as well. Three different colours. Overall, I am pleasantly surprised with the complete product! Would definitely recommend this product! Would make it great gift for Mac users.

  218. 231

    by I***n

    Quality in everything, starting with packing. I did not even think that the lamp would like it so much. Very comfortable and ergonomic. I am very pleased with the purchase. I recommend the product definitely. Seller Thank you!

  219. 231

    by S***a

    I love Baseus. great value for great products. usually I’ve experienced fast shipping with this store. for this product I had to wait quite a while. ¯_(ツ)_/¯. O well. I still highly recommend product

  220. 231

    by M***n

    Excellent product. Works as described. Light is very comfortable.

  221. 231

    by D***N

    A good lamp, you can smoothly adjust the brightness and change the color shade. The cord in the kit is short, if the monitor does not have USB, then the system unit does not reach.

  222. 231

    by O***v

    Well, if you put it so as not to shine in the eye, then on the iMac blocks the camera. Turning off the long press, and for a short change in color temperature, seriously? This is not convenient!

  223. 231

    by H***o

    Cheap price for these acid ever most glittered creates

  224. 231

    by I***a

    Great stuff. Recommend to all

  225. 231

    by C***k

    Design is unsatisfactory. Just brightness adjusting it lightly poof poof back is very easy navigation. So what is also non-stars dog.

  226. 231

    by Customer

    Quality lamp, convenient to use. No flicker.

  227. 231

    by A***r

    I’ve been using this light for a few weeks now, so I could give you an honest review… SHIPPING – Super Fast… Zoom zoom zoom… In the peak of Lockdown around the world… Amazing stuff… LAMP – Best Lamp you can ever have on your computer desk… QUALITY – A+++ … LIGHT – So bright… Dimmer feature is awesome. 3 different light modes/colours… Love all of them… DRAWBACKS – Only 1 drawback… Once you use this, you’ll always need one on your desk…and you want high quality lamp like Baseus Led Lamp… 🙂

  228. 231

    by C***a

    Excellent Product very fast delivery.

  229. 231

    by F***z

    Very fast shipping and perfect packaging, great supplier, I will buy again without hesitation

  230. 231

    by A***v

    Great lamp

  231. 231

    by Customer

    Color led several as the high atmosphere will also good!

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