Delux Gaming Mouse With Sensor | 7 Programmable Buttons

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M625 PMW3360

Hand Orientation


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1000/2000/4000/8000/12000(MAX : 24000)

Image Sensor




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For Mac/Win XP/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10/Linux


USB 2.0

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288 Reviews For This Product

  1. 288

    by S***f

    Delivered a week before the NSC without taking into account the weekend. The box is not crumpled, a little dirty, but not scary. The mouse itself looks great and in the hand lies pleasantly. The download software is quite easy, and the management in it is as simple as possible. Purchase satisfied.

  2. 288

    by A***v

    The best budget gaming mouse for your money! Top! I recommend! The pmw3360 sensor does not break. You can set DPI from 200 to 24000. The polling frequency is fashionable to set from 125 to 1000 GHz. In CS go the most it! Competitor g102. There is RGB backlight.

  3. 288

    by Customer

    The product corresponds to the description, there is no smell of backlash and other unpleasant ailments in the rodent, I use more than a month, I could not tear the sensor, although I tried, and yes G102 assobt)))

  4. 288

    by P***n

    The mouse is wonderful: Sensor, macros, convenience. The cost is acceptable ($16): Well, it’s nonsense to pay for mice at $30 +. Delivery is beyond praise: I managed to buy with delivery from Russia, brought (to Moscow) directly to the house only 4 days after the order. More. Compared to the usual small light office mice (for $3-4, which I used the last 15 years) this is large and quite heavy (Gram 120), and the form is streamlined, because of what you have to do more than I would like to rearrange the mouse. Rubber inserts on the sides save but not enough. How to try to raise the pyramid. But you can get used to it: I tried to lift only the front part. At the same time, there is enough room for all fingers on the mouse (earlier I noticed that my little finger just sticks out to the side). Personally for my hand, the mouse is still a little too big, half a centimeter would be shorter (I prefer a finger grip). The cable looks thin and hard, but I hooked it behind the back of the monitor,

  5. 288

    by M***o

    Best mouse, for CS go generally top, very very very very very very cool.

  6. 288

    by A***v

    The real weight in the package is 195g (in the tracking weight varied between 250 and 300). Nervous catch did not have time, delivered superquickly by courier to the door (just over a day after the issuance of the track or 48 hours from the moment of order to receipt). Software with intuitive interface, all necessary settings, customization of buttons, backlight, DPI modes and macros. Clicks loud, autopsy is inevitable. Yes, the mouse creaks, lyuftit, cracks, and it can even be broken if strongly squeezed with one hand. If nails score, well, or there is nothing to break the watermelon, I heard for these purposes it is better to take phones from the Gorilla Glass. And mice for such tasks are still early. The backlight is certainly impressive, but after half an hour played and turned off, the extra lantern is not needed at night, and it warms noticeably when used. Pmw3360-24000 DPI-for 2 millimeters of movement, the cursor passed the entire width of 1920 of the screen, while not jumping pixels. In general, solid cons, and pleased to stumble on such a good note.

  7. 288

    by G***a

    Delivered very quickly, packed well, beautiful and comfortable in operation, I recommend everyone +++

  8. 288

    by S***v

    Came on time. Good Mouse for your money. Glows cool. Satisfied with the goods.

  9. 288

    by G***e

    Mouse of good quality, I like everything. The corner of the box was remembered, but it’s not scary, tracked until hit the country. It was a little less than a month. In the manual for use there is a link to download drivers in which you can configure the backlight and everything else. Let’s see how it will manifest itself if that review complement with time.

  10. 288

    by A***v

    I am very pleased with the purchase. Delivery a little longer than expected (order from Russia to Russia)-1 week, but it is due to a large sale of 11.11. The quality of the mouse is very satisfied, it works perfectly, it is available, everything is adjusted. RGB backlight-chic overflow, you can put different effects/single color/off completely. In the hand lies like a glove. Seller recommend: 5 stars!

  11. 288

    by E***v

    Chic mouse! Received 15 days before Hmao. Very satisfied, good LGBT backlight. I recommend everyone, the store is good, the delivery is fast, as for Alika. I will search for a mouse, in a month I will share experience

  12. 288

    by A***n

    Ordered 11.11.19G. Shipped on 13.11.19 Received in Mo 18.11.19. The description fully corresponds. Packed well. Everything works. The son is very pleased. The goods and the store advise.

  13. 288

    by V***v

    11 ordered 21 received, excellent! And sold thanks, I did not correctly choose the delivery address, it promptly changed everything and everything is in place. Recommend. Mouse class

  14. 288

    by R***r

    The mouse looks top, the only negative, the color of the wheel is not adjustable, and the backlight settings would like more flexible. Who will use, I advise you to immediately download the software, limit the number of modes that are switched by the button under the wheel, so as not to accidentally switch in the game, for games and ordinary mode. On the backlash did not notice any problems. In games, too, everything is clear. The side Keys set up one for the microphone in the games, the other for the stretch. In applications I use them either as volume, or as arrows up down to scroll pages in the browser. Which is very convenient. The store sent in 2 days, it was less than 3 weeks, with the seller did not communicate

  15. 288

    by I***v

    Everything is fine, only there is an unpainted point, but you can paint it yourself.

  16. 288

    by N***n

    . I ordered 11.11 for myself and my wife, 22 came. The wire is hard, but not strong-play does not interfere. Lighting fire. Side buttons as on a4tech, not a fountain but for 1 K with a penny will go. Of the minuses-a leg (pillow) for 1 of the mice is cotton, in a set of 1 more, but at least a couple would then lay …. Packed in 1 layer of pouches and stuffed in a small box-strangely but arrived a whole

  17. 288

    by A***h

    For such money, the mouse super well sits in the hand pleases the backlight is not conveniently located the shooting button but I do not recommend it critically.

  18. 288

    by U***K

    The mouse is just space. Good quality housing material. It feels like holding a Dear mouse from Logitech. She’s just a delightful design. RGB backing and software are available. The mouse sits perfectly in the hand, there is no this disgusting feeling when you hold the mouse for a long time and the hand starts to sweat. The sensor is also shicoznenky, in short it does not tear off when turning at 180 and 360. The mouse is moderately heavy, suitable for the hand of any size. Spray and point to shoot at the heads is a pleasure. I waited a month, I expected the worst. But when I got this mouse, I realized that I was waiting for nothing. Thanks Delux for such a quality product.

  19. 288

    by K***.

    Ordered for 11.11, in Krasnodar delivered to the door 23.11. IML shipping, track tracked. The quality will be written later.

  20. 288

    by A***a

    Mouse is wonderful! Response instant, the sensor does not break. Better for this money you will not find a mouse. You can compare with Logitech 102, but I think that this mouse will be better. I advise you to buy! Delivered by courier for 2 weeks to the Urals

  21. 288

    by A***n

    Pretty good mouse. Shipping in Vitebsk 28 days. Box a little wrinkled. With moderate pressure on housing squeaks. THE box also has a set of legs. Wire mouse braided, like not tight. Excellent fit in the hand. RGB cool look, like mouse in general.

  22. 288

    by A***v

    Shipping gun, quickly and Courier in hand. Not bat, crash. Materyalami nice, quality slightly above average, soft lighting and does not strike the eyes. IN his hand is nice and grip for large hands very comfortable, rubber inserts are very helpful. Click Clear, the mat perfectly smoothly. Wire ran smoothly for pad, very good braid. 200-24000 DPI is perverted, in Софье can adjust absolutely everything, including macros. Sensor ripped off, they do not try. IN general, it is best that are on the market to ~ 2500 rubles .. Would recommend, as an avid gamer. If broken, it will add a review, if not, it’s not yet broken and works great.

  23. 288

    by S***s

    Mouse had come for 10 days. IN his hand is fine. A little light but you get used to it So all fire Seller recommend

  24. 288

    by A***s

    Mouse is quite good for the money. Taking in sell 11.11. Paid only 15 euro. As for me, so press felt pretty tough and requires more pressure, although it can be for different for everyone because I played with one arm almost 12 years. A4tech x7-я eternal memory. Her press happened more smoothly, however in his old age sensor began to fail and very often срыватся. As well as М625 is quite good, lighting can be set up and have own software, you will not regret. Also RGB in addition, all the buzz.

  25. 288

    by I***v

    If in fact, for the money mouse just fire, quite comfortable, the priority ладонный grip, allegedly rubber inserts on the sides, though there are, but the feeling, they are more like a normal plastic, or some kind of plastic rubber (XAX) lead me not very much, it is real oak, But if it fix, it really won’t interfere with, just this mouse is not convenient джитер click, though, perhaps, you just get used to, works all smartly, software is very easy to use, downloaded it from their official website, backlight me very much, In my case, the mouse does not play, squeaks, the store sent an extra set of Teflon feet, the parcel was 12 days before the Stavropol edge, + 4 days to process the order (very long). I recommend this device, bought I at a discount for 1100r, seller not particularly sociable, but very friendly

  26. 288

    by N***k

    Feedback and responsiveness of the mouse is very good, taken mouse exactly one week, if you bought the mouse and it does not slip, then you need to remove the thin film with legs mouse.

  27. 288

    by S***k

    It is a good mouse. The photo light looks worse. Cons of this gap near key, which is visible light, hard cable and play the right button. The rest comfortable, plastic soft-touch, beautiful light.

  28. 288

    by Z***v

    The Mouse for a long time (shipping from Russia) the mouse itself, such as normal, but proved bolshevatoy for me, think get used or not, software is also normal backlight setting, macros, DPI. Keys громковатые.

  29. 288

    by V***v

    Despite the fact that ordered with Russia in Russia, posting was 17 days in Krasnodar, satisfied, will нагибать the th))

  30. 288

    by N***.

    Arrived mouse quickly. Just like in the description. Works. Driver download from the official website.

  31. 288

    by Customer

    Came in 2 weeks. The mouse Feels great and very premium. I’m happy with the purchase.

  32. 288

    by A***v

    Works. Comparable to my lysey X7 747n, only slightly higher gorbinka. Sensor 3360 (on the label))) delivery IML for 4 days in Mo. with coupon for 1250r

  33. 288

    by A***v

    For a long time I wanted to change the mouse and stumbled upon it, the mouse is quality, although I do not like the coating, for me the soft touch. Came quickly and very well packed. Description corresponds. The sensor is good.

  34. 288

    by N***n

    After made the order, the store next day sent the goods. Reached in 9 days of couriers directly to the threshold of the apartment. The mouse itself is of good quality, no keys are Backlash, good bright, customizable in the software, RGB backlight. On the wheel, the compartments are well felt. Also convenient and understandable software for adjusting the mouse. Included with the mouse were spare Teflon legs. The only thing, as for me, is not a significant minus-it is not changeable and not turned off the backlight of the wheel.

  35. 288

    by D***n

    Mouse Super! I recommend the store!

  36. 288

    by R***l

    very fast delivery! packaging is sturdy and looks professional. The mouse looks and feels well made, of high quality. I will leave extra feedback after trying it out.

  37. 288

    by A***r

    i recommand this product and 5star for the saller for the fast shipping

  38. 288

    by A***y

    Lovely mouse! For such money you will not do anything like this. Here the top sensor and magic illumination are both in top mice. Some Raizer in three expensive take for similar. In the kit there are also legs for replacement if the native will be erased. Thanks to the manufacturer, you are the master of your business!

  39. 288

    by F***f

    For a long time, according to the description of the product corresponds, if there are complaints in the work, then I will write 1 review, so far everything is fine, thank you very much to the store for the software)

  40. 288

    by K***a

    Came to Ukraine for 3 weeks) The box is almost ideally, took the parcel from the new mail. Mouse cool) I recommend.

  41. 288

    by S***a

    Order drove from Russia to the Samara region as much as 2 weeks, a week lay in the warehouse waiting for the courier …. Tinplate .. for a 16-year-old girl is a little uncomfortable, too big, it’s a matter of habit, in everything else suits, it will test.

  42. 288

    by U***f

    Mouse top for your money with sensor not deceived, have different sensitivity buttons, in hand лижешит калассно, rode for 3 weeks, I personally advise taking this mouse for one reason in this mouse top Senser, the response of the press for their money, and I’m not see reason to pay for any top mouse like “HaypeX”, “Razer”, because we get for the money are the same characteristics. If someone somnevaetsya take it or not then I advise you to take.

  43. 288

    by I***v

    The mouse is just a bomb, especially for such a price. Judging by other reviews, I was lucky and the mouse came without backlash and extraneous sounds and creaks. Delivered quickly enough, weeks for 2,5-3. Courier to the door, which is important. The colors are soft, pleasant for the eyes, do not beat and do not cut. The drivers were installed themselves, and the mouse setup program downloaded from the brochure. Everything is just fine. Take it, you will not regret it.

  44. 288

    by I***n

    This cunning fox gave first the wrong track apparently was not in the warehouse in the Russian Federation but days after 5 gave out what you need and want to give him one star for pussy .. The link to the software dropped

  45. 288

    by C***r

    Very cool, there is a box, instruction, and additional such elastic bands, even sent a note, sold sociable. Yusb braid is very reliable, the mouse itself is very good, enough for another 4-5 years if you care, I advise everyone

  46. 288

    by M***v

    Delivery 3 days to Moscow. region by courier. Test three days, took to replace a4tech bloody V8 before buying Raizer elite mamba because this mouse is an analog in shape and girth. On tactile sensations, plastic is worse than in V8 (sometimes it seems that it’s straight cheap-especially scrolling the wheel, well, it’s terribly cheap it works, but this mouse is slightly heavier than bloody although the price of V8 and m625 is almost the same! Software for the mouse downloaded from their off. site, the link is in the instructions. The macro button in the pub did not try, T. for a long time I do not play this hat (but I will definitely try-if a Bath arrives for macros, then I will definitely complement the feedback) that we have in the end: Good design, backlight RGB, software, mouse weight exceeded expectations! I took for 1480₽ as for me, so for the spare mouse it is quite good, someone will come to constant. As a result, I’m waiting for Raizer Mamba elite to come to me, and I’ll put this on the shelf! Do I recommend this mouse to buy-yes! This is one of the best budget mice I took on Ali! All good skating rink and timmaites!

  47. 288

    by G***v

    Sent quickly, fast delivery. in appearance it is well done, until I tried, as I use, I write off.

  48. 288

    by L***s

    Very good mouse several functions RGB macros Arrived within 30 calendar days here in Brazil PR Curitiba Not taxed recommend Super Delux Official store

  49. 288

    by R***N

    Excellent comfortable mouse, the quality is excellent. Creaks a little but if you specially squeeze, but they do not interfere with me, like how and from what on the sides is done, better quality than I had a mouse from a4tech. In the hand lies perfectly, clicks are good, the response is fast, the wheel is the same. The legs slip well, only remove the film from them. From the office. The site downloaded the driver, the program is convenient, you can understand though in English, everything can be configured, many RGB backlight options. The backlight is just gorgeous!!! Beautiful. The sensor is excellent. In the box there are spare legs on the mouse. Packed in a duster film and in a box. I recommend to everyone. Gratitude to the store

  50. 288

    by D***d

    The best mouse in its price segment, safely take it will not regret

  51. 288

    by G***r

    Everything clearly works the sensor is stated correctly the shape of the mouse just top clicks pretty soft sensor at fast turns in games does not tear down immediately were pasted rubber bands were films potsvet bright mouse just fire

  52. 288

    by K***n

    Excellent, comfortable, smooth mouse. Brought the courier home. Spare stickers, box on the Russian.

  53. 288

    by D***v

    The parcel came somewhere in 5-7 days. In principle, for their money is very good. One only minus is that the mouse wheel has a separate backlight. Changes colors only when you switch profiles.

  54. 288

    by P***n

    I will immediately say the mouse top for my money! I ordered it to replace my old X7 at first was not very convenient, but eventually used to it. I was not used to being just below my old mouse. Delivery to Tula region from Russian warehouses about two weeks. Appearance by the way awesome, the photo almost does not convey anything. In general, I recommend!

  55. 288

    by V***y

    Mouse like. Yes, crunch is well and good. Performs its functions perfectly, and good quality materials. The 4 photo mesh metal.

  56. 288

    by N***a

    The mouse quality is good, the body is pressed from all mice, this is the norm from X7 to Raw. The mouse looks good and sits in the hand perfectly, feels like SteelSeries raw. Drove quickly

  57. 288

    by A***v

    Normal mouse, the sensor is good, the body slightly creaks but it does not irritate me.

  58. 288

    by A***v

    Great mouse. Corresponds to its declared characteristics. Software for customization is available from the manufacturer’s website. Took for 1200R. Delivery by fast courier to the door.

  59. 288

    by B***b

    Pleasant to the feeling is not comfortable comfortable in general glad that I changed the shed tired not break 8 years so I changed and glad kaifovo well a little lighter than the old and so take it will not regret))) delivery is very fast with a courier at home so that the credit and 5 + for their money torcheg

  60. 288

    by R***I

    Mouse is excellent, the quality is super. Dwyver is easy to download from the office. Site, everything turns, glows. Delivered in 3 days. Very satisfied. In the games I have not tried yet, but I’m sure she will show

  61. 288

    by V***h

    Mishka Super .. yakishta Tsina top!

  62. 288

    by A***a

    Arrived by courier quickly, ordered from Russia. Excellent mouse for such money.

  63. 288

    by A***v

    The mouse corresponds to the description. Assembled well, there is a small creak when pressing on the body, but when playing it at all I do not hear it. Came for 7 days (ordered from the Russian Federation), sent in 2 days. The buttons are pressed well, there are backlash, but they are very minor. The sensor is good, never fell off (checked in CS: GO). the backlight is distributed evenly and quite bright. Software is intuitive and understand it I think it will not be difficult. I bought for 1400₽ and I think that this is the top mouse for my money. Very satisfied with the purchase.

  64. 288

    by A***a

    I ordered 03.01.20. Got 17.01.20. Delivery by courier personally in hand. Mouse son really liked, works smartly almost flies. The son is delighted! Many thanks to the store and the Courier!

  65. 288

    by E***v

    Great mouse!!! Spare legs are included. I have a big palm, the mouse lies like a glove. Sending fire! To Severomorsk in 6 days. Definitely, I recommend to purchase.★★★★★

  66. 288

    by O***r

    perfect mouse, super fast shipping in just 8 days, very happy with the product it’s an amazing mouse, I recommend the store.

  67. 288

    by A***r

    The mouse came a little more than two weeks to a new mail. Everything is super. The mouse is good, nothing lyuftit, the backlight is super, the photo to regret does not convey the effect. Installed software with which you can control the backlight and other mouse functions. Seller thanks!

  68. 288

    by B***b

    Mouse class everything works in the film packed Super Extra Teflon and coupon))) working capacity I will describe in a month ordered 24 came 29 from Moscow to Yelets))) thanks)))

  69. 288

    by P***s

    Great Mouse. Delivered fast. Software works great. Recommended.

  70. 288

    by S***s

    Normal mouse, only the backlight in my run does not change, but this is a trifle

  71. 288

    by S***a

    excellent mouse, love it very much, highly recommend store. thank you.

  72. 288

    by I***v

    Mouse just fire, came quickly, everything works, store recommend

  73. 288

    by V***i

    If not for delivery in 50 days to Minsk, it would be generally 6 stars. Mouse fire!

  74. 288

    by U***n

    The first impression of the product is very stylish and ergonomically designed response time is very beautiful, the cable structure looks very good quality and sturdy. It is an ideal mouse in competitive games so I recommend it to everyone at this price. (130Tl). Istanbul reached my hand in 15 days. I paid customs tax 18.5 TL.

  75. 288

    by N***a

    The goods were sent quickly and came very quickly. the mouse corresponds to the description. thank you very much to the store.

  76. 288

    by G***a

    Mega Cool Mouse. Came quickly. PR, tracked. Bought on the stock VC, came out a little more than a dollar. Helped the guys from the channel in the Telegram @ itaohunt. Join!

  77. 288

    by A***j

    What can be disadvantages in the mouse for 72 rubles? The program did not put, the backlight turned off with a combination of keys. Of the small prickly-small for my hand and tight scroll. The order had to wait 3 weeks, because. There was no warehouse in Russia.

  78. 288

    by Customer

    Works smartly there is an application for any settings the sensor does not break.

  79. 288

    by N***k

    Mouse is very good, high-quality, I really liked it! I recommend to all

  80. 288

    by J***c

    Really cool and comfortable mouse. A bit to big for my hand but nice. I’m not a professional but for what I use it is good. 🙂 I find the lights annoying that’s why I turn them off.

  81. 288

    by S***a

    Mouse Super!!! took in a shoot for 72 ₽. the daughter is happy as an elephant!!! shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow!!! the cord is long, as if woven. I advise everyone. review see my YouTube channel Snezhana D

  82. 288

    by E***u

    I’m happy with the order, but it turned out that it was a button on the mouse was defective. The store immediately offered to return $5, I’m happy

  83. 288

    by S***r

    The product has reached my hand in 15 days, no problem for now. Seller highly recommend excellent.

  84. 288

    by A***v

    Fast shipping. The mouse came in the package. Beautiful, comfortable in hand. I recommend to buy.

  85. 288

    by R***v

    The mouse is good. The form resembles the old Microsoft optical 1.1a, only a little more. For the middle hand just right

  86. 288

    by V***v

    The product corresponds to the description

  87. 288

    by S***v

    Exact description. Delivery for 1 month to Moscow.

  88. 288

    by R***s

    It works very well looks very good lights and buttons highly recommended

  89. 288

    by T***a

    Good Mouse. Delivery slightly less than a month

  90. 288

    by R***h

    The store sociable sent everything quickly. Packed well. I took 2 mice at once, in the kit there are also replaceable legs. XS but the mouse is slightly heated, most likely because of the backlight, so be careful those who are irritable to such things.

  91. 288

    by M***a

    Minus star for shipping from China instead of Russia. I bought a price on the stock of Ruby. Spare pads are included. Mouse is very beautiful. A little crunchy. Brother gamer came up.

  92. 288

    by K***u


  93. 288

    by V***r

    Mouse ideally, packed perfectly. In the kit gave additional legs. The store sent the mouse quickly, responds quickly. I advise

  94. 288

    by T***v

    The mouse is good, does not creak like others, does not tear, the backlight is beautiful, but when the backlight is cut to full, the mouse starts to bask, it strains in the game, another store gamadril with delivery, but it came quickly enough, 2 weeks to Moscow

  95. 288

    by D***o

    Someone says, “crack”, “Bond”, etc. D. But I also assure 100% the goods correspond for their money, there are no complaints about the mouse… So who wants a super mouse, take it!

  96. 288

    by P***v

    How convenient is the shape of the Mamba. Under the middle and large palm. For me KAEF in general. One claim for me, I do not like LGBT illumination and in the software wheel no way to disable.

  97. 288

    by 1***1

    Excellent mouse for its price, very satisfied.

  98. 288

    by P***p

    Very good store, answered me all questions. Because of coronavirus sending the parcel was delayed, but the mouse came to me! The case when pressing a little crunches, but when playing I do not notice it, the same marriage did not get caught. Many thanks to the seller. I advise the mouse!

  99. 288

    by M***a

    Mouse came quickly, took for a gift. Gambler appreciated, sensitive and sharp.

  100. 288

    by Customer

    Fast and good quality

  101. 288

    by N***v

    It’s okay, arrived in 12 days from China, about the mouse. A little backlash and legs are plastic and so everything suits

  102. 288

    by V***v

    Excellent, weighty, in the hand sits comfortably.

  103. 288

    by N***a

    Packing is good, took for a gift

  104. 288

    by M***n

    The mouse is normal.

  105. 288

    by D***v

    Cool Mouse, well, my X7 is more familiar to me

  106. 288

    by I***v

    I advise no worse than any other mouse

  107. 288

    by A***o

    All Super Good Goods arrived quickly in Ro

  108. 288

    by S***v

    With illumination overflow

  109. 288

    by D***n

    It’s okay.

  110. 288

    by S***V

    Cool Mouse, well done, works fine. 100% recommend!!! Poured with different colors smoothly, does not strain.

  111. 288

    by A***a

    Very cool mouse high-precision sensor, wygloda nicely and well I holding in games rewelacja

  112. 288

    by D***r

    I would really recommend this to anyone who wants a really good cheap mouse. Nice store answered everything i asked and i would buy it again everytime.

  113. 288

    by G***r

    Everything came on time!

  114. 288

    by S***s

    Very nice mouse. Fantastic accuracy, good materials and useful software. Maybe is a little big for my hand. Fast shipping, even in the middle of COVID crisis.

  115. 288

    by K***k

    I bought it on the shoot through the application VC. Thank you to my friends.

  116. 288

    by D***y

    This mouse is awesome. I love it!

  117. 288

    by Customer

    Good Mouse liked. Months 2 already use)

  118. 288

    by K***v

    The backlight is chic. The sensor is good. The driver with the settings found in the Russian language. The mouse is not used yet. Grip as uncomfortable for me. I’ll get used to it.

  119. 288

    by A***a

    Everything came perfectly, from the shortcomings it is possible to note a slightly bonding body, and so the mouse top, took to increase the dollar

  120. 288

    by Customer

    I took the second as a gift. Everything is fine, thank you.

  121. 288

    by X***x

    Very cool! I advise everyone!

  122. 288

    by M***v

    Mouse is just super. Product quality

  123. 288

    by A***n

    Delivery to Nizhny Novgorod 4 days to the apartment. The store is always in touch. The next day after the order there was a discount on the goods, without problems returned part of the cost, big respect! The box was slightly wrinkled, inside everything intact. Fully corresponds to the description and works as expected.

  124. 288

    by K***g

    I’m just shocked… Mouse came in 3 days, Courier! In normal packaging, and in appearance without flaws. Later I will test and add feedback.

  125. 288

    by Customer

    Pros: -Stylish, fashionable, youthful -Sensor reacts perfectly -Inexpensive -Delivered in 5 days Cons (all as is): -There are creaks in some places, and in general everything is fine -The store is playing with the price she jumps from 1300r. Up to 1800r. -On the legs saved Outcome: I advise at a price max. 1400r. (for this and took)

  126. 288

    by V***n

    good speed mouse

  127. 288

    by B***a

    The best mouse for your money!

  128. 288

    by D***n

    Fast delivery of IML to Moscow in 2 days, brought to the door. Mouse of excellent quality, nothing creaks, all buttons are perfectly pressed (to the fire button of course you need to get used to it-not very convenient made), slides on the mat perfectly. In the hand lies very comfortable. The software downloaded from the site, all buttons, dpi, etc. Customizable, there are even macros. When connected to another computer, all settings are naturally saved. Connected also to the phone and TV box-everything works fine. I will test in games, over time I will add feedback.

  129. 288

    by S***V

    Thank you! Great mouse!

  130. 288

    by V***v

    Delivered quickly. There was no need to communicate with the store. For such money the quality is excellent. Seller success and prosperity.

  131. 288

    by B***n

    Classy mouse, material. Took did not regret, took for 1190r.

  132. 288

    by V***p

    Match the description, the box is a little mint. In general, a normal mouse.

  133. 288

    by K***v

    What is Delux m625? This is a good sensor, exactly working only with the open mouse software, and crappy and lyuftayu Assembly

  134. 288

    by A***v

    The mouse seems smaller than it really is. Works great. The truth had to look for drivers for this model with the management program. The manufacturer minus for not following the availability of software on the site.

  135. 288

    by V***y

    Good Mouse. Plastic to the touch is pleasant. Software from the site works, everything can be configured: macros, Sens, RGB (and disable completely, except for the DPI indication at the wheel). There is a creak of the case, if with effort to press the center on top, but not critical. The size is quite big. Ordered with delivery in Russia to St. Petersburg. Courier IML brought 3 days after the purchase.

  136. 288

    by M***h

    Delivery 20day. Clear mouse. In the hand as poured, good performance.

  137. 288

    by D***n

    Mouse fire

  138. 288

    by R***r

    It came quickly, you need to check the work. Looks cool. Prompt delivery from Russia to Russia

  139. 288

    by B***r


  140. 288

    by R***r

    Mouse went 2 weeks, but I believe that it is quite a lot for warehouses in Russia, but still came a little crumpled box but with the mouse not what happened, the track of the parcel is tracked on only one site, and so the parcel is satisfied, delivered straight under the door

  141. 288

    by G***r


  142. 288

    by L***r

    Delivery 6 days-just super. The store answers questions in 10-20 minutes! To the request to give the driver, gave the link instantly! The mouse itself is just great!

  143. 288

    by S***y

    As long as everyone is happy. Shape and sensor pleases

  144. 288

    by Y***y

    My Tesoro Sharur served me with faith and truth. And this mouse is good, only you need to get used to the form, as if at all the first time for the mouse took)

  145. 288

    by J***a

    Excellent store! Product delivery within 48 hours!

  146. 288

    by D***h

    So far everything is super

  147. 288

    by E***v

    Delivery to the apartment-1,5 days 12.04 ordered, 14.04 At lunch already received

  148. 288

    by P***i

    Very good jakośc workmanship.

  149. 288

    by B***a

    Excellent mouse!!

  150. 288

    by A***a

    The mouse is very good, I liked it! Comfortable and beautiful! The store is super, sent quickly) shop recommend!

  151. 288

    by I***i

    Delivery reached in 2 days. A very high quality mouse I advise everyone to find it.

  152. 288

    by A***a

    Thank you!!!

  153. 288

    by Customer

    Mouse top for such money

  154. 288

    by A***k

    The mouse is just a bomb!!!

  155. 288

    by G***r

    Flimsy, creaks… came in two weeks

  156. 288

    by S***v

    Pros: The sensor is excellent, beautiful mouse, comfortable side perforation Cons: The material is all the same cheap, the left click is difficult to press. Neutral: too big, first thought G102 small and I need big, now understand, that for CS all the same you need a mouse a little less. For Windows it is more convenient to use the mouse also less, such as Forka silent, very like (although for games where the sensor is important it is not very)

  157. 288

    by J***a

    Functionl great, very nice and fits perfect to hand

  158. 288

    by S***s

    It has come very well packed and works perfectly. Happy with the purchase

  159. 288

    by A***d

    Everything is fine, there were not big problems with the mail, but everything was solved

  160. 288

    by R***v

    It will.

  161. 288

    by E***s


  162. 288

    by R***r

    Everything came quickly, defects like no

  163. 288

    by M***v

    A wonderful mouse, everything runs, the response is excellent!

  164. 288

    by R***a

    Shorter mouse top. A good cord, there are spare legs, good illumination, there is a program for adjustment (with macros). Came in 47 days to Ukraine.

  165. 288

    by P***v

    It seems like nothing, so. Let’s see how much is enough.

  166. 288

    by Customer

    The form is quite comfortable, there are no complaints. I liked everything

  167. 288

    by S***i

    I’ll take some time and write to you my opinion about this product.

  168. 288

    by M***y

    Дууууууже dovgo ykla .. Yakysna, pratsue good

  169. 288

    by Customer

    The store sent on the first day, the parcel reached 4 days!!!!! Thank you, mouse is satisfied, the form has approached. The sensor does not break, pressing the buttons is acceptable

  170. 288

    by I***v

    The mouse is good. Ergonomics on the hand. A little not familiar but a little chase and everything will be OK. Shipping fast.

  171. 288

    by A***v

    The order received in 2 days in Lipetsk, came in good condition, works, while everything is fine, I took on sale for 1200, my money will justify if it serves at least a year, recommended at whom with money is not all right

  172. 288

    by R***d

    Thank you! Everything is very fast, the goods are excellent, macros need to write themselves, they are not online.

  173. 288

    by N***v

    The mouse for its price is excellent, though a little bit bolshevata seems easy to set up DPI and RGB

  174. 288

    by Customer

    It came very quickly, about 2 weeks.

  175. 288

    by A***v

    Goods quality, delivery is very fast

  176. 288

    by S***v

    A good mouse, a lot of functionality. Fast delivery to door.

  177. 288

    by D***v

    Top sensor, smelly plastic, very budget price, link to driver in VKontakte)) well, for its price an excellent mouse, I hope quickly stops stalling))

  178. 288

    by V***v

    And so just over a week and I have a new mouse. For now everything is like, but it’s the first day and hour of use. Conclusion of the first minutes: externally and tactile the mouse is good, in the hand lies the norms. Light with software can be configured or turned off. Baked minus: when you hide up there is some sound, the wheels are rubbed, down there is no such. We will check with time, what will be erased earlier) I wonder what will happen next? I’ll write in a week, will be in the extra comments

  179. 288

    by Customer

    The mouse is good, but small in height.

  180. 288

    by E***n


  181. 288

    by U***r

    Hello, all mouse just top recommend right now only in the cop I play and the sensor does not break this

  182. 288

    by O***a


  183. 288

    by S***N

    Good Mouse. Macros work only that are created in the program. You can not write the code (

  184. 288

    by E***o

    Excellent mouse for its money, though I had to work out, there are articles on the Internet, but this is all bullshit, the mouse is just a topper!

  185. 288

    by G***n

    The mouse is great. The material is good, the accuracy pleases. In the hand sits well. Of the minuses, this is some creak when you press the keys, and the delivery is almost two months. In general, for its price is good, I recommend

  186. 288

    by A***v

    Arrived within 14 days. Track was visible only in Russia, sending was from Russia, which is not likely. I liked the mouse, let’s see what will show with time.

  187. 288

    by L***z

    Very comfortable and good quality mouse. Maybe the USB port a little long, but I deserved the purchase.

  188. 288

    by R***r

    The goods came quickly, the son is very pleased. Don’t worry about the sensor.

  189. 288

    by Customer

    I order from this store a second time. With fast delivery came in 3 days. The first one was in a big box. This time in small. In the kit there are spare legs.

  190. 288

    by Customer

    Very happy with everything. Mouse for 1500 is just great for this money a good sensor. Not small, just very pleased with the shape, my palm (21 cm) lies very comfortable. The cover of the mouse is also very pleasant, hard plastic, which is very convenient to wipe after a sweat game). Delivery is always in 3 days in the Moscow region. The store is just the best, more honest seller I have not met. I did not work right click, I opened a dispute. He apologized for the inconvenience provided, and offered to send a new one, only without a dispute. I decided to check, and the sales did not deceive and sent a new one. I have more than 150 orders with Ali, never been so pleased with my order. Seller evaluation 10 out of 5.

  191. 288

    by J***j

    I arrive Super fast and very good Mouse 😀 very grateful

  192. 288

    by S***a

    For some reason, the box was opened.

  193. 288

    by V***h

    Came super quickly in the hand lies awesome better produdy for the same price, the plastic is good.

  194. 288

    by I***v

    Excellent mouse, took for 1641, a little luftit, otherwise everything is fine, of the shortcomings of the side buttons, they are not nice to press at all, the sensor is top, about breakdowns, I will not even say it and it is so clear that on this sensor they can not be

  195. 288

    by U***i

    Review of the product can be found on the link bio of @ ugurwashere instagram.

  196. 288

    by Customer

    Good product, works well with software

  197. 288

    by A***t

    Super souris

  198. 288

    by T***n

    Mouse shit do not buy, side rubber inserts are already peel off, the case is crispy, the right macro is shit, soft shit, IMEI as you can see, a very huge mouse, side buttons of poor quality, the price is not expensive for a rich man, given that he will throw out this mouse and buy another, For bomja it is better to look for something easier or like Razer on Ali is for the same money, but already with less DPI, don’t repeat my mistake took only because of 12000 DPI in the end mouse fuflo, but the RGB backlight is there, which immediately cut out-the wheel + left + right hold a few seconds, I took it because of the reviews mol thipo mouse fire, Power in the end is bullshit, who does not agree z_akra your mouth and go to x_ui

  199. 288

    by P***n

    The mouse is excellent, as for me its 20 $ is definitely worth.

  200. 288

    by E***y

    Ordered 5th at 9 pm, received the 7th at 12 days)) (delivery from Moscow to Zelenograd) mouse fire!!!

  201. 288

    by V***v

    Mouse super. Very high quality assembled. He won’t. Mikriki work quietly. Thank you for the quality goods.

  202. 288

    by A***V

    It’s OK fire

  203. 288

    by M***v


  204. 288

    by O***v

    Everything is fine, both delivery and goods

  205. 288

    by M***r

    Delivery of IML to Siberian depths took almost 13 days. Personally in the hands, without any points of self-delivery. What about the device itself is an extremely pleasant exhibit, an excellent sensor for a good skill indicator, does not break, acting great. The shape under my big hand is very suitable, all fingers are “in place”. The software is clear and convenient, who sat on DeathAdder 3500 and below will figure out without problems, in any case, geids are walking on Hurray too. Also pleased with RGB illumination. I took this mouse together with Razer Mamba elite from a foreign site-there is almost no difference at first glance, but it will come to light with time. Decide whether you should overpay from above a few dozen euros, to get a brand or save and take Delux m625, which shows almost similar.

  206. 288

    by V***u

    Mouse is awesome, there’s nothing more to say, went 2 weeks

  207. 288

    by C***e

    Very good product I recommend especially ppur pvp on minecraft

  208. 288

    by M***a


  209. 288

    by M***h

    Not inferior to mice of the price category above. There is a decent soft, complete with spare sliding pads, and the pads themselves are protected by film before use. Of the minuses personally for me the shape is a little long, plus the Wheeler is always blue, whether the backlight is turned off or what color it burns

  210. 288

    by S***v

    The mouse can and normal, but for me it turned out to be big and uncomfortable

  211. 288

    by M***c

    good store

  212. 288

    by E***n

    Top, fast works ok

  213. 288

    by R***r

    It turned out a small casus, the store sent me a mouse with a small defect… I texted him and he sent me perfectly identical but no defect!!! Seller clever, I in Life on Ali did not see sellers more sociable than this one!!!

  214. 288

    by J***

    Get spare skaters. Roulette colors are only changed by changing the DPI level.

  215. 288

    by R***o

    Size compared too lightweight 튑. Gaming is not as. Just write multi charge mouse level.

  216. 288

    by Customer

    very gooooood mouse gaming

  217. 288

    by Customer

    Cool Mouse I advise the store

  218. 288

    by A***v

    For my money I consider it a decent mouse. The sensor could not break. Play on Hurray. In the program you can configure both DPI and RGB backlight

  219. 288

    by A***g

    In real life it looks much cooler!

  220. 288

    by R***r

    The mouse is just mega comfortable, the feeling of using only positive, as if it continued my hand, because it has very good ergonomics, like the razordeathadder, the Assembly is also surprisingly high quality, they said on the Internet that everything will be fine and I did not find any Lufta, the backlight can be adjusted for yourself. There are of course two nuances when choosing this mouse, first you need to understand that it is not for a small hand, second, the plastic first seems too soft, the hand is соскальзывает, but then it is rubbed and becomes convenient, it gets dirty by the way plastic very quickly, in general I’m happy with the mouse, for such money I received a quality goods.

  221. 288

    by A***a

    Perfect. Works very well. Very glad. Thank you

  222. 288

    by E***v

    Delivery to Magnitogorsk for 5 days. The Courier gave it to me personally. By packing complaints no, very beautiful, not damaged by courier, and no Chinese, such is not a shame to give. The mouse is made of silk (to the touch) plastic, which is also very mark. When you click on the center of the mouse, it creaks. The wire is about 2,30 meters. Buttons all work, DPI changes. In the first hours of use, the sensor broke down, then everything became normal. The backlight is simply incomparable, there are 4 modes of operation:; 2. in the color of the wheel; 3. pulsating. 4. iridescent. The wheel has a separate color, depending on the DPI. To change the backlight mode, you need to clamp LKM + SCM + PKM for 5 seconds. By the way, the mouse has an official website, where you can download drivers, and a program for setting up. I recommend to buy.

  223. 288

    by E***V

    All ok

  224. 288

    by R***v

    Norms more less mouse good for its price Lit, complex macro set could not, convenient soft, at the cancretno of my car there was a small hand on the mouse but it seems already normal. I’ll add a review if something comes in

  225. 288

    by D***k


  226. 288

    by M***v

    Just unpacked the parcel, came very quickly, in just 12 days. Asked to pack very reliably, T. to in my city very carelessly refer to the parcels, and often something breaks. The store is very sociable, replied after a very small period of time, said there is no problem in this, and they will pack it very reliably. Sent in two protective bags, everything is neat. As for the mouse itself. So far I just started using, but it seems to me that this is one of the best gaming mice, which I had. Very pleasant, comfortable, perfectly lies in the hand, beautiful illumination, 5 speed modes and the ability to adjust. Very beautiful RGB backlight, which by the way also changes in any colors, and also can continuously change color. In the instructions there is a link to the manufacturer’s website, for installing the drivers, which open up even more opportunities for this amazing mouse. In general, the product is very satisfied, I recommend the seller, be sure to buy!

  227. 288

    by J***s

    Excellent quality both in finishing in usability, polling of 1ms, soft buttons and great quality, mouse light, and with the capacity of 24000 dpi

  228. 288

    by R***r

    There are Luft side buttons, and so it’s very good

  229. 288

    by M***v

    Great mouse. Comfortable. Cool illumination (with the possibility of adjustment). Lots of settings. What the doctor prescribed. Delivery from the Russian store.

  230. 288

    by И***r

    Came quickly, packed class, thanks to the store, Ulan-Ude

  231. 288

    by R***r

    The mouse is excellent, fully corresponds to the description. Came very quickly in 4 days

  232. 288

    by A***a

    Mouse is very cool

  233. 288

    by O***o

    For your money, just a great mouse. Good sensor, nice illumination. Delivery-somewhere a week, brought the courier. In general, I advise, for this money mice with a similar sensor do not find at all.

  234. 288

    by A***v

    Mouse as a mouse of special difference did not feel

  235. 288

    by M***v

    Beautiful mouse, good software, works fine

  236. 288

    by G***x

    The mouse is chic, very nice plastic (not softach so it will not be erased) stunning sensor pmw3360 works on anything breaks no, the frequency of the survey is 1000Hz, in the box, a spare set of Teflon legs, take it will be 100% satisfied. The shape is very like Razer DeathAdder essentials Delivered in 3 days by IML courier to the apartment.

  237. 288

    by D***v

    The mouse creaks hard enough, but during the game it is invisible. For 1300 rubles is very worthy, expected that it will be worse

  238. 288

    by E***n

    A good mouse, worth your money-my son liked it.

  239. 288

    by S***I

    Top mouse and soft is

  240. 288

    by A***n

    All as in optsania, here is the video of unpacking

  241. 288

    by Y***R

    The mouse went 3 weeks, but in general everything is fine

  242. 288

    by P***N

    A good mouse, without any problems, I like it.

  243. 288

    by S***h

    The mouse is just top, for such money you will not find better. It will be better even those who are more expensive (not all, of course). There is a soft-cool. Yes, creaks a little (if you press strongly), but it’s all bullshit, this is not heard if you play and does not distract. Advise 🙂

  244. 288

    by N***v

    Delivered to Moscow in 2 days. While the flight is normal. Works fine.

  245. 288

    by P***K

    very comfortable to use. for the price I can’t find anything better

  246. 288

    by A***v

    The mouse is super comfortable, everything is adjustable, everything works

  247. 288

    by A***o

    Excellent mouse for your money. Beautiful and light. All the buttons are easy. RGB is not quite uniform but looks good. Cord in braid with gilded USB. The driver and program are put on the link from the instruction, there are two Chinese and English languages. In the program you can configure RGB, the mouse itself (dpi, buttons) and write macros. In general, the mouse is satisfied, I hope it will last at least half a year-a year.

  248. 288

    by A***v

    Elegant mouse on top sensor, in hand like a glove, store and recommend

  249. 288

    by I***j

    21giorni delivery, good and works well

  250. 288

    by S***a

    Mouse Agon.

  251. 288

    by V***v

    Everything is excellent except for the side buttons, or rather than the purpose of other functions on them.

  252. 288

    by B***b

    And so the mouse came in 2 weeks, very quickly for my location (G. Саяногорск). The mouse completely suits me. The cop sesner doesn’t break. At DPI 400 and in cop 0.80. The illumination is bright. Of the minuses, not a large Luft on the side buttons. And the wheel does not always have a button. And so Mouse top for your money. Took for 1300.

  253. 288

    by P***n

    I came for 20 days in the curve Horn. later I’ll add a review about the work.

  254. 288

    by A***o

    Mega fast delivery (the goods were in stock in Russia), Courier to home in 3 days. The quality of the mouse is excellent, the sensor is beyond praise! Thank you!

  255. 288

    by S***v

    I order the third time, everything is fine. There were problems with the delivery, but they happened because of me. Better Mouse for such a price is not found.

  256. 288

    by Customer

    Came quickly

  257. 288

    by O***s

    The men arrived in 12 days helal maus

  258. 288

    by M***n

    I came in a week. Very good mouse. Not the first I buy. Third for a friend. The two men before us have been working on faith and truth for a year.

  259. 288

    by Customer

    It is difficult to adjust the sensitivity, and so everything is as in the description

  260. 288

    by M***n

    Awesome, I got it at my place in less than a day and a half, big salesman. Cheap and very nice Raton, good materials and well presented. Very satisfied with everything

  261. 288

    by I***n

    Creaks LKM, otherwise everything is fine

  262. 288

    by V***v

    I advise everyone who wants a cool mouse

  263. 288

    by Customer

    Everything is perfect. If drivers + software are installed, DPI, RGB, can be configured.

  264. 288

    by A***a

    Delivery by courier to the house. Well packed. Works fine and looks better than in the photo!

  265. 288

    by Customer

    Top mouse Luft is not seen impossible to tear

  266. 288

    by M***o

    Excellent mouse exceeded expectations!! Delivery in 1 working day. Works very well!

  267. 288

    by P***u

    Super product and very fast shipping. Parcel received after 12 days! WOW!!!

  268. 288

    by V***v

    The mouse is a similar form to the Razer DeathAdder. I’m happy with the mouse, but I found one minus She’s a Scot.

  269. 288

    by Customer


  270. 288

    by A***n

    Great rats.

  271. 288

    by A***v

    It’s OK

  272. 288

    by V***v

    High everyone! Delivery by courier from Moscow a week before my hole (Siberia). The mouse is clumsy, according to the feelings of deševo collected. Sensor and clicks, according to mommy feelings normal (a couple of days used only). Compared with Blady V7. Time will pass, I will supplement the review.

  273. 288

    by D***n

    Fit mouse, Palm 18 cm, lies in the hand perfectly. Oak wire, the body is crunchy if pressed, but in the usual use of crunch is not. I don’t play shooters, so I can’t say anything about the sensor. In general, for their money quite the norms of the price, I recommend to buy.

  274. 288

    by L***l

    In general fast in less than a week!

  275. 288

    by M***v

    The mouse liked it. Made qualitatively. Nice to touch. She sits perfectly in her hand, just for me. Came in 10 days from Moscow. Thank you

  276. 288

    by Customer

    Sent on the third day. 29 days on the way to Magadan (traveled the whole country). The quality is excellent, the game m625-generally fire! The only thing I noticed was a thin wire. So far the impressions are only positive. Recommend it.

  277. 288

    by R***r

    Order delivered quickly! Mouse liked!

  278. 288

    by K***I

    Buy it guys its crazy

  279. 288

    by M***s

    Great mouse. The son is happy. Sensor clear

  280. 288

    by I***v

    Courier brought home, everything works. thank you

  281. 288

    by Customer

    Teddy bear is not standard size (large)

  282. 288

    by K***k

    Mouse delivered for 9!!! Days in Chelyabinsk region. The courier brought. Ordered the mouse, thinking that it is 12000 DPI, and on the box and in the official application it is 24000 DPI, so even better. The body materials are excellent. In the application you can adjust the backlight, the mouse does not break. Glows with rich RGB colors. Seller recommended.

  283. 288

    by D***v

    Excellent mouse) everything works chic, delivery to the hands by courier, plastic in places slightly clips, but this is not drawn attention, in the package there were two additional sets of Teflon overlays)

  284. 288

    by M***v

    Came in 5 days, Courier (IML) to the door, in the hand lies very well, in the instructions to the mouse, there is a site where you can download the program for it, but I came with a scratch, in principle, nothing terrible (I think so), but still, as it is offensive.

  285. 288

    by F***s

    Мышка хорошая, удобная, полноценно не проверял, но при подключении к компьютеру, установились драйвера ( компьютеру 11 лет), мышь засветилась. Я доволен, спасибо

  286. 288

    by Bertha Melton

    Двойной клик бесил в CS:GO, но к счастью можно отключить в программе. Мышка крутая.

  287. 288

    by Customer

    Excelente mouse, es grande y se adapta super bien para el tamaño de mi mano. La entrega fue super rápida. Recomendado.

  288. 288

    by Monern

    Были небольшие траблы, но продавец общительный и мы все решили

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