The COVID 19 Pandemic has affected all aspects of people’s lives across the world. One significant change is the huge dependence on devices and online services. Daily tasks, classes, work, shopping, and more are now done online. In doing so, it is believed that the risk of spreading the virus would decrease as there is little to no contact in every transaction.

The following are some of the major effects of COVID 19 to smartphone users.


Some countries put their nations on lockdown to stop the spread of COVID 19. Businesses such as fast-food chains were forced to make all transactions online and through delivery. Delivery services are widely used at the moment as more people shift to online shopping for their own safety.

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There are businesses that chose to make their employees work at home. These work-from-home employees usually use their laptops and other devices in doing their work or whenever there are meetings. Apps like ZOOM are in demand right now because of this. Some classes have also chosen to do online classes where teachers can teach and give requirements online. Students attend these classes using their gadgets and also submit the requirements online.

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Countries affected by COVID 19 had increased hours of usage of their phones for entertainment and pass time.

  1. Mobile Games

There has been a huge increase in the number of downloads of mobile games. This trend can be seen in countries like South Korea as people find ways to keep entertained while under quarantine.

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  1. Video Streaming Apps

YouTube and Netflix are among the video streaming apps that gained more users and time of usage. As people need to stay at home, watching movies and other videos became a source of entertainment.

  1. Social Media Apps

It is very evident how people use different social media sites to stay connected to their loved ones away from them. Social media has also been in demand at this time. Moreover, people found ways to use social media for entertainment. For instance, TikTok users and videos increased over time.

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In the first weeks of COVID 19 Pandemic, some fake news spread over the internet. These fake news along with other devastating news affected a lot of people since they spread quickly and widely on the internet. To fight this, many mental health professionals made counseling available online or through the phone.


Sanofi and Luminostics teamed up to create an at-home COVID 19 test. The test uses a smartphone’s camera and an app to diagnose patients. It uses a glow-in-the-dark nanoparticle with an aim to deliver results within 30 minutes even without a medical professional. The process would include taking a swab up their nose and inserting it to a device with a chemical that includes nanoparticles. The nanoparticles would glow and emit a signal captured by the smartphone camera if the user tests positive for COVID 19.

Lusanne has also been developing a similar app that could diagnose COVID 19 with the use of a smartphone’s speaker.

What has been your COVID 19 story? How has it affected you so far? Share with us in the comments.


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