With the rise of smartphones, there has been a decrease in the sales of wristwatches. Smartphones are so handy and they have almost anything you need. The basic job of a wristwatch, which is to tell time, is also something that your phone can do.

But it’s time to bring back the power in your wrist. It’s time for smartwatches! You’ll be surprised at the many things your smartwatch can do. Here are some reasons why it’s smart to have a smartwatch.

  1. Smartwatches are a good fitness buddy.

apple watch series 4 black vicsenshopIf you need motivation and a fitness tracker, the smartwatch will be your new best buddy. It can count the number of your steps, heart rate, the distance you walked or traveled, hours of sleep, and more. It can help you track your fitness goals. There are also smartwatches that are waterproof and swim proof. So you can definitely carry your smartwatch while doing various activities.

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  1. No more missed calls.

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There are times when you can’t have your phone on your hands. You probably have missed a call or two before because of that. But with your smartwatch on your wrist, you will never have to miss those calls again. Most smartwatches have voice support so you can communicate directly using it. However, the quality of the calls will not be very good as your phone. But still, it is a convenient feature.

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  1. Find your phone easily.

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Once or some number of times, you probably experienced losing or misplacing your phone. This situation is very frustrating. Some smartwatches have a “Find Phone” feature which would ring your phone if you lose it.

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  1. Always access your notifications.

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Smartwatches show your social media notifications. What’s better is that some even let you interact with these notifications. You can always stay connected wherever you are or whatever you are doing as long as you have your smartwatch on your wrist.

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  1. Entertainment right on your wrist.

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With smartwatches improving, there’s so much they can do. For instance, Apple Watch Series 5 is equipped with an App Store so you can download your favorite apps on your watch. You can either watch videos or listen to music while you work out.


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  1. Its battery capacity could last longer than your phone.

Samsung s3 gear vicsenshopSome smartwatches’ battery capacity could last for hours. It can even last more than your phone’s battery capacity. So you can still do more with your smartwatch for hours.

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  1. It can save you.

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This is a very amazing feature of a smartwatch. You just have to find the right smartwatch that has this feature. This Emergency SOS feature will help you in times when you need it.

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Smartwatches are no longer just for telling time and being fashionable. It can do as much as your smartphones and it’s just in your wrist. You just have to choose the right smartwatch that would suit your taste and would be compatible with your other gadgets.

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